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Chiltern Counsellors Network is a collection of private practitioners, each committed to offering accessible, affordable counselling. 

All counsellors have completed extensive professional training and have substantial experience. All counsellors are members of professional bodies such as BACP and UKCP, meaning that we are bound by those bodies’ ethical frameworks for good practice. These include a commitment to ongoing professional development, regular meetings with a qualified supervisor and professional liability insurance cover.

Our counsellors offer a safe, confidential space in which to explore your current difficulties.  These could be specific; for example, focussing on your employment, close relationships or health. Alternatively, you might have a more general feeling of distress; such as low mood, anxiety or repetitive thoughts. We believe that adult behaviours, feelings and thoughts are rooted in our early lives.  As we seek to understand those influences on the present, we are able to examine and discuss the current challenges together.

Over time, these conversations can lead to greater insight and new ways of thinking; and they invariably increase the ability to cope and enable a clearer sense of self to emerge.


Our counsellors offer 50 minute sessions, at the same time and on the same day each week.  This develops a sense of continuity and containment.


Consultations are available at our quiet, dedicated rooms in Chartridge Lodge in Chesham.  Ten counsellors work from these rooms at different times during the week, enabling us to offer 9am-9pm availability, Monday-Friday, plus some Saturdays.  We have further contacts across a wide referral network in the Chilterns.


However, while the restrictions due to the pandemic continue, our counsellors are offering sessions remotely – either by telephone or via a secure online video service such as Zoom, Skype, Facetime or similar.

How Much Does it Cost?

Weekly sessions are usually open ended, which means the number isn’t fixed but will be discussed between the counsellor and client as the work unfolds.  Most counsellors will ask for payment for missed sessions.

Some clients prefer to opt for short term, time limited counselling (usually 12 sessions) to focus on a specific problem.


The usual fee is £45-55 for a 50-minute meeting. Some of our counsellors are able to offer sessions at a reduced rate, depending on your circumstances.

We are also able to offer some lower cost short term sessions for clients who meet the criteria.


Please call to talk through the options.

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