CCN Open Workshop in May

We are holding a CPD workshop - entitled "Working With Your Countertransference" - which is open to all interested counsellors, therapists and trainees in the Chilterns area on Saturday 18th May.

The aim of this full-day workshop is to give participants the confidence and skills to

equip them to access, understand and apply their countertransference in their

work with clients.

A significant amount of time will be given to attendees to

present material from their own caseloads for the group to think about.

This workshop is for counsellors and psychotherapists who find themselves

wondering about unconscious communications from clients, what to do with

them, how to decide in whom they originated, and how to test for this without

causing alarm or elevating risk. Often to say nothing is to do harm or to

collude with a split off or projective aspect of the client’s mind.

The day will help you make sense of non-verbal, affective and bodily responses that you

may ignore, be afraid of or bewildered by. You will learn how to more

accurately translate countertransference communications from your clients

into interventions of which your client can make use.

We will explore key areas of countertransference within an intersubjective,

object relations framework of key Freudian and Kleinian defensive


The workshop will be interactive and you are encouraged to bring case work

of your own that you would like the group to think about, in order to gain

meaning and understanding from the often baffling, uncomfortable and

frightening experiences in which the therapeutic dyad find themselves


The training will be conducted by Henry Adeane. He is a Psychotherapist,

Trainer and Clinical Supervisor. He currently works at the Counselling

Foundation in St Albans, The Bedford Prison Counselling Service, Matrix

College of Counselling and Psychotherapy in Norwich and Ipswich, The UK

Council for Psychotherapy and in a number of other organisations in various

capacities. He specialises in complex cases, forensic psychotherapy and the

ethical treatment of addiction and personality disorders.

The workshop will open for registration and coffee at 9.30 am and run from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. It will take place at Chartridge Lodge, Chartridge Lane, Chesham HP5 2TU.

The workshop costs £65.00. For further information and an application form, please contact: suebishop@chilterncounsellors.net.


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