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Are you struggling with anxiety? Do you feel depressed, lonely or unhappy?

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by stress and life’s demands?


Is it hard to manage relationships with family and friends?


Do you wish you understood yourself and others better?

At times we all feel unable to cope.  It can be a relief and source of strength to share difficulties, in confidence and without judgement, with a qualified counsellor.

Type of Counselling

Our counsellors work psychodynamically: we believe that our adult behaviour and feelings are rooted in childhood experiences. We seek to understand those influences on present behaviour and thinking.  Our clients are encouraged to talk freely.


Our counsellors offer 50 minute sessions, at the same time and on the same day each week.  This develops a sense of continuity and containment.

Our Counsellors

Chiltern Counsellors Network is a collection of private practitioners, each committed to offering accessible, affordable counselling.  All counsellors have completed extensive professional training and have substantial experience.


All counsellors are members of professional bodies such as BACP and UKCP, meaning that we are bound by those bodies’ ethical frameworks for good practice. These include a commitment to ongoing professional development, regular meetings with a qualified supervisor and professional liability insurance cover.

Chiltern Counsellors Network has experienced counsellors who are able to help.

Our services are open to anyone over 18 from all races, orientations and social backgrounds.

How to make an appointment

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